Saturday, November 03, 2018

Saturday, October 20, 2018


The sun rose up to greet me
I rose to greet it back 


Blah blah blah

Just back from Chi-town to visit wit da fam -and- spent the entire day binge watching 'Maniac' on Netflix. 

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone do a respectable job of not stepping own their own - and each other's - dramatic dicks and I was, if not transported, entertained.

Skinny Jonah is oddly disturbing -but- totally works in this portrayal of a schizophrenic, depressive Owen.

Owen, is the perfect onomonapoetic name btw - no hint of plosive assertion - with both name and character feeling a bit like eating warm oatmeal.

Blah blah blah.

Esp. liked the part about multiple layers of reality with a little psycho-babble thrown in for good measure...

Meanwhile, here are some pics from the trip... 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

The world turns

I cycled to Piestewa this a.m. to hike the hill - mountain I mean (though perhaps a poor excuse for one) -but- Phoenix ain't the rockies -and-  hauling my carcass in an upwards direction seems to make for good exercise.

Did the deal (part way, anyway, as last night's margaritas may've become this morning's malaise, turning back 2/3 of the way up) then got on my bike to head back home.

Yes, I wear spandex. Shows off my butt.

Ok, not really, but age and practicality have long overcome propriety. The padded seat greatly diminishes that 'kicked in the nuts' feel after long rides, plus less chafing and snagging on thorny branches, etc.. Any hue...

At the overpass there's a kid with a shopping cart and a dog.

By kid I mean early 20's - a lil' rough around the edges but with these eyes like a Degrazia painting.

Which could've been part of his schtick - oozing soulful vulnerability - only he's not utilizing pathetic appeal to work the cars stopped at the light...

Instead, he's seated and half hidden behind the concrete embankment - trying to comfort the giant effing dog on his lap - pit bull mix of some sort, who is panting and restless - obviously suffering from the heat.

Gave 'em every last drop out of my camelback, poured into the bottom of a plastic water bottle he'd cut in half.

Then went a couple blocks, bought some more water at a gas station and doubled back.

Kid thanked me, said "its more appreciated than you'll ever know" and I had to bolt away before I started to cry.

Which I did, anyway.

And am now, again.


in the



Saturday, August 11, 2018

Sunday, July 22, 2018



Seen while driving this a.m.

Middle aged white man at the bus stop in front of a large church

wearing a plaid shirt & jeans,
w/buzzed hair
and a disposable air filter covering nose and mouth,

held in place by a little white rubber band spanning the back of his head;

at his waist a small white canvas bag with faded blue block letters
which said:


 Or so I thought.