Thursday, July 13, 2006

Weekend Highlights

Played in the "Shark" Saturday, a volleyball tournament in Prescott which get its name from... well, you can go to the website if you're all that curious. Website.

Lost 2 games and won one in a less than auspicious outing. Perhaps age has caught/overtaken me but I'm choosing to look at the whole thing philosophically. Life's a journey and all that... stuff, dude.

The highlight of the weekend (at least the mentionable bit) had to be watching M parade around the apartment wearing nothing but a pair of rubber gloves and a white plastic bag wrapped around her head.

She'd smeared her hair with a greenish-brownish paste (a combination of tea and other herbs) in order to "treat" it and the overall effect was quite striking:
Part aborigine warrior, part wood nymph, with just a hint of warp tour acid freak.
Then she wrapped the goop of her hair in a white plastic bag...

And in combination with the little white rubber gloves...

The whole ensemble took on a disturbingly scatological (and yet oddly arousing) feel.

And then we made cookies.