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the radius
of curb,


the curve
of a woman's


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In Oregon for Dee-Wayne's B-Day

I flew into Medford, Oregon last weekend to celebrate Halloween and my oldest-friend-in-the-world's 4oth Birthday.

Having known Dee-Wayne since the third grade I did not want to miss his rite of passage into the ranks of old guy-dom. Earlier in the year, I'd missed another best buddy's 40th -had been racked with guilt- and was not about to miss another!

Not long after I touched down, we ended up in Ashford, and drank our drinks while the Halloween festivities raged 'round us.

Then, about half-way through the evening, Dee-Wayne's wife asked the difference in our age:

"8 months," said Dee-Wayne.

"But that would make you forty-one," I said, after doing the math.

"Right," he said, "forty-one."