Thursday, May 30, 2019

Minute Mindfulness

I've got 8 minutes before I have to leave for work -but- a lot can happen in 8 minutes, I've discovered.

How did I discover this?

I got old.

Funny thing, getting old is usually associated with time accelerating - 'cause your nominative experience accumulates and increments of time dwindle in comparison.

But then there's this other thing that occurs as we age - the awareness that life is precious, as is the moment.

And yeah, it's a zen thing but discard the Z word for now.

In fact, just forget all words...

(well, except these of course)

...words being symbols only, and not the meaning itself.

5 minutes to go!

And the meaning?

Comes from first hand experience.

So... I'm in this body, in this place, in this time.

Which can be viewed as a construct to be escaped - the box of space and time - however....

If you believe in an unifying principle... Love or god or the Force, or whatevs - finite things can actually be perceived as a manifestation of the infinite.

The sensation of keyboard clacking under my fingertips, the intermittent birdsong heard through open windows, the feel of my left ankle crossed over the right, jeans bound in between...

Even the awareness of passing time, which might be considered an impediment to mindfulness, can actually be a way in... to deeper awareness.

In itself, another veil to be pierced.... or maybe simply experienced, absorbed, and transcended?

So I can choose to be driven mad by my thoughts... or I can dance with them.

And who am I even talking to right now?

Oops! One minute over.