Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I feel I've hit a plateau re:photos:
  1. (upper left) Pretty sky picture.
  2. (upper right) Probably my favorite of the bunch but not particularly inspiring. Would like to retroactively reframe, slightly to the left, and refocus on the bush in the foreground.
  3. (lower left) I like this photo for its vaguely pin-hole-esque feel and the cryptic reflections in the foreground, but its a bit washed out and feels a bit staged. I like stagey, but it needs to be either more or less so. Also, I'm guessing M would say the figure is too centered.
  4. (lower right) There's a texture and luminosity here I wanted to capture - a silver gelatin kind of thing - but it was taken, hand-held at night, and the lack of focus is a stumbling block.
Activity pointed in the right direction, but lacking framing or just the right focal point.

Indicative of something greater?

*I've now rotated the order per M's suggestions.
**Still feels like the same photos in a new arrangement, though

Saturday, June 06, 2009