Saturday, October 06, 2007

First Light


  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    You have such a great eye to capture these images. Any plans to formally publish your photos? When is this comic I've read about coming out?

  2. Publish? No, my dear, but thank you for the kind comments.

    RE: The Aforementioned Comic - A Lengthy Reply

    When I first moved down to Phoenix, some years ago, I moved in with the inimitable K McB and promptly decided to paint a mural in the spare room, my bedroom. Some 13 years later I remember exactly how it looked, in my mind's eye...

    Currently, I have the following concepts rolling around in the ol' noggin: 1. A samurai costume made entirely of McDonald's hamburger containers. 2. A man-sized creature, crouched and howling, made of chicken wire and woven fibers -and- 3. The comicbook concept, Life Downtown. (Or was it Downtown Life?).

    I can envision these things so intensely its almost as if they already exist...

    Eventually, I hope they do.

  3. Would I have liked it? Or would I have been glad to have you move to Tucson so I could repaint? Oh, and it's time for some people in your photogs. Not to be a controlling bitch on your blog or anything. :)