Friday, March 07, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

Been up since 4 this morning, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Had fallen asleep on the floor again, last night, half on and half off the throw rug. I later awoke to M on the phone, talking to Shell about catching a trolley, and a whiff of something foul (a fart? my breath? old catfood?) then roused myself and stumbled off to bed.

That was around - well, I don't really know what time it was - but somewhere in the pm.

Then at 4 in the a.m., the ol' internal clock kicked in, and it was time to Rise -n- Shine!

I normally leave for the gym at 5, but with a little extra time on my hands, I was inspired to create a "play list" for my Ipod, in preparation for an ass kicking, blood-pumping, work out from from hell!

And then,
things just sort of dissembled...
into other things.


So now I'm sitting here listening to "My Dick*" by Mickey Avalon, as I type.
*I know, I know - but it's a catchy little tune and some of the lines are pure unadulterated, adolescent gold:
My dick - Size of a pumpkin.
Yo' dick - Look like McCauley Culkin.

My dick - Won't fit down the chim-i-nee.
Yo' dick - Look like a kid from the Philippines.

My Dick - Rumble in the Jungle.
Yo' Dick - Touched by yo' Uncle.
Pure poetry.
Yeah, so, it's nice to steal a little time away, screw the pooch, and pontificate on... well, nothing really.

Ah, glorious nothing.


And now I'm late for work.


  1. Was chatting with Bell not Shell. Trying to arrange the shuttle bus for the SF marathon which led to hysterics over our "whiteness" as per

    I think they got your playlist Adman.

  2. Ditto bout the whiteness. I sent it to my other Caucasian persuasion amigos and they were in hysterics!! Thanks again. Good times.
    Oh yea, what big blogs you have!