Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cockroach Palaver

I dreamt the night before last I was a human-cockroach hybrid, which sounds a bit disturbing, I know, but was actually kind of cool.

I could fly, for instance. And stay underwater for long periods of time. Plus I had a certain amount of plasticity so if I had to escape a building via the plumbing I could.

This came in handy because people were after me.

I was a super-powered chitin-covered spy.

"Like Naked Lunch," M said. Or it could've been Matt Danley. We were out doing up the town on a Friday night.

"You mean, Metamorphosis," I replied. Though, truth be known, it reminded me of a book I'd read some months previous, Gregor Samsa, which had been a spin-off of Kafka's Metomorphosis.

"Yeah, but the Cockroaches were spies in Naked Lunch," someone said.

Good point.

Matt Danley then informed us that along with tarantulas,* cockroaches are the only animal theorized to be able to survive on Saturn.** Something about breathing concentrated oxygen and going dormant during extreme cold.

"But what would they have to eat?" he pondered.

"Each other," replied M.

*"Those big hairy spiders", is what he actually said.
**Or was it Mars?
***Thanks to Wikipedia for the above photo

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