Sunday, May 09, 2010


Dee-Wayne Brammage, my oldest friend, took a painting class a few years back.*

D, who'd worked construction and fire crew most of his life, had always tried to avoid the macho tag, so when his instructor - a knee-jerk liberal feminist - assumed the worst of him, he just went with it.

The resulting painting was secretly entitled, "Monument Valley - My C*ck!" and it featured a large, phallic rock structure with two circular bushes at it's base.

Missing the less than subtle overtones, the instructor noted aloud that the piece was "somewhat contrived and unnaturally stiff".

Which cracked the class up.

This picture reminds me of that.

* One of his paintings currently hangs about two feet to my left. It's a rusty pink trailer wrapped in the blue skies and sienna hills of the high desert, and it is one of my favorites.

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  1. Karen5:29 AM

    My favorite from the multi-talented Dee-Wayne was his photo of his dog pissing on the bush in the high desert. Unfortunately when we parted with our old computer that image went with it. If you still have that one, will you resend it to me? Gracias.