Monday, July 26, 2010

This is me as taken by M during a test shot.

Bemusingly, she took this blind - without a camera's viewfinder.


Three days ago my spray-on sunscreen blew up in the car, saturating my camera, ipod and cell phone.

The cell phone looks like blistered skin, the ipod's controller has popped out like an outey belly button*, and my camera, when activated, looks like it had crank case oil poured into it's guts.

I thought the camera was ruined but M theorized it was only the view finder and took this picture.

And while I don't especially like my appearance in this photo** I really like the composition. In fact, when I saw the little thumbnail in preview mode, I got a little excited, thinking it was one I'd taken and somehow forgotten.

But no. The larger image revealed myself as the subject and M as the photographer. Sigh.

The bemusing part is that M hadn't picked up a camera in I don't know how long, and without being able to see the shot came up with this.

It's not brilliant, but it's good.

And reminds me I have a ways to go.

*Interestingly, the ipod, which had been acting up - hammered on and sweat-soaked from numerous Camelback assaults - has never worked better!

**I look vaguely feminine -and- having played sand v-ball in the phoenician morning heat, I have a somewhat zombified countenance.


  1. clay ( AM

    Morning Adam, jumping around here reading this and that. You sure do have a lot going on in your head. That aint so bad really is it? You write and express yourself well. Trying to figure it all out is much like that mastercard commercial, "the cost of" and the end result is priceless or something like that. Problem is when the priceless moments are few and far between. This is when you find the meaning of life in a grain of sand. Zen. Your pictures are good too; slices of life around you. Does it matter if anyone else likes it? Do you like it? I like the picture of you. It looks like your relaxed. Anyway will read more here, for now my day is waiting and I am resisting. Have a good day Adam!

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    you haven't aged.


  3. Tip of the hat to those kind enough to post to my blog:

    1. Clay - thank you. I'm not sure how Zen I've been lately, but I do try.
    2. K - Thank you for the compliment -but- don't let one picture fool you.