Sunday, October 03, 2010


While not a great composition, this pic does convey a certain tone that seems appropriate, currently.

Frankly, I'm getting tired of rooftops and asphalt for subject matter. And I think it shows.

I want to photograph people - individuals - captured in some intimate way, probably nude, but there are 2 impediments:

1. I'm looking for a certain texture and feel which may require a switch to analog. This means I gotta learn a helluva lot more about this medium and I'm not sure I have the patience.*

2. (probably more significant) This may be a substitute for true intimacy.

Since before M and I broke it off I've had this impulse - and this may be about that.

However, art is a process of self-discovery (and time's a wastin'!) so the question remains...

*On the other hand, a wise dude once said, time passes of its own accord, whether we accomplish something or not. So why not?
**M recently told me I'll probably be dead of Mad Cow disease in ten years. Hard to tell if this is macabre humor or accurate prediction -but- either way, I figure I'm halfway to the finish line as it is!

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  1. karen7:44 PM

    Mad Cow disease? You may be dead of many things, my friend, but I doubt Mad Cow disease is among them . . .