Saturday, June 02, 2012

Went for a ride the other night. Mountain bike that is.

It was hotter than hell, with temps in the mid 100's, but pleasant torture, nevertheless. And yes, I'm aware there is something seriously, seriously wrong with me. Anyway....

Hung out to b.s. with a couple riders after, then heard this bizarre sound - something like a bird in distress, only louder and combined with this humming/rasping sound.

"What the hell!?" I wondered aloud, then some people came shuffling down the path, one of them carrying a golden retriever like an offering for the altar.

The sound - wild, panicky, whistling breaths - was emanating from the dog.

As far as I know, dog's regulate their temperatures through nose, paws and panting - and that's pretty much it.  But when you're wearing a fur suit and the air is 107 degrees with the rocks even more... I just wanted to punch those people. Anyway...

My buddy Tim ran over as they wet him down with a spigot and pretty soon we were all dumping water bottles and camelbacks over the dog, trying to soak him down, lower his body temp and save his life.

Then I scooped him up carried him to their car so they could rush him to the animal hospital.


Afterward, as I drove away, I smelled something and realized my hands and shirt were smeared with excrement.

The smell of it took me right back to those panicked breaths, the foam flecked muzzle, and eyes wildly darting with fear - fear and a desperate need for help.

I pulled over to throw up and cried instead.

Stupid people.

Stupid world.

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  1. The innocents suffer our ignorance. I'm sure your efforts helped save that furry baby's life. *hugs*