Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dream remnants

Elements in the time mist was what he said it was called.

Looked like a mirror but contained a 3D snapshot/frozen moment:
In the foreground, a young man in a powder gray tux & ruffled pink shirt caught in profile with both hands pressing a red handled cheese slicer (or something) against the far side of his face. Behind him an empty gym with folding metal chairs set up in rows as if for an assembly. 
I moved around to see better, but couldn't make out the object or what he was doing to himself. Violence? Primping?

Earlier, my roommate and best friend - a thirty-something black man with an easy smile - had said it was time to go, get on with his life, but he'd leave the low slung, cheap Asian wicker furniture.

Then he walked out and so did I, to mill about with the people on the street, mostly homeless.

There was a portable bed - the kind you keep in a closet and unfold for guests - and I laid on it and went rolling down the street past a cluster of people where I heard an old man complaining bitterly about me to some middle-aged woman.

Sorry, I shouted back, then caromed into a clump of prickly pear in the tree curb, came away with only a few light needles in my arm, picked up the futon pad and walked off.

Turns out I'd killed someone by inserting a thin piece of metal (like a meat thermometer without the dial) into the back of their head, which is why I had to get away, had gone to see another old friend in the country and he had a mirror on his wall which wasn't a mirror, but a piece of art and when I asked him what it was he said elements in the time mist.


  1. Karen6:07 PM

    What are you smoking before bed?

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I really enjoy "elements in the time mist".
    It's like totally an evocative phrase.