Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reset Button

Ever get lost in time and space?

You're driving along, maybe, lost in thought, and then there's this funny little sensation - like when you hold your nose and pop your inner ears - only this isn't physical, it's mental - and suddenly you realize you don't know where you are or even where you're headed.

I'ts like the circuit feed was interrupted, and what you'd perceived as reality is merely a stream of sensory input.

Now you're driving around, god knows where, and you realize in this moment you don't even know who you are. Not really.

Really, you're just this creature, falling through space and time without a even a safety net and it's actually pretty terrifying but maybe a little liberating and you think about moving forward from this point without the trappings (oh accurate word!) of your so called identity, emerging naked and alone into a newly created universe.

And then you see Lola's coffee.


Oh yeah.


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  1. Karen McB4:46 PM

    I read an engrossing book not too long ago. On my way to work, I was thinking about what I would do if in the character's situation. All of a sudden I realized I was in Tempe, a good 3 miles past my work, and I could not remember if I had even stopped for red lights.