Thursday, November 13, 2014

The second night

I dreamt I was a character played by James Gandolfini.

He'd broken into the house of his estranged wife with the crash of a splintered door, and maybe hurt a person or two but they were blurry images at best, in the face of his need.

She was small and half naked in a thin, half robe, with a blonde helmet of hair and eyes like a deGrazia painting, and he found her by the big open shower at the back of of the bungalow.

It was more like a stage than a shower and when he started taking off his clothes, she looked at him with dead eyes and said "I won't do it, I deserve a day off."

Only she wasn't talking to him, she was talking to the people watching her through the bubble eye lens in the shower wall.

I guess they were in charge.

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