Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blind Lemon Buzzard and the morning wood

Woke up this morning thinking about the old man.

No, not me - the progenitor (of me - I guess I should say - not all things).

He'd been laughing, in my dream; in fact we both had, been cracking up. God knows about what, but it was big fun, as he might say.

Or is that me? Anway...

He'd been making this goofy face I don't remember ever seeing before, and yet it was pure Buzzy - eyes wide, and… sparkling really, twinkling. Brimming with life and humor.

We were just on the verge of cackling when I woke up.

And noticed I had a hard on.

Which... disturbed me… until I realized I had to pee.

So I took care of that and now I'm writing this.

Morning, old man.* This one's for you.

The writing I mean.

And if this is all a little too phallic?


Apple/tree, dude.

*Yeah, yeah - takes one to know one.  Whatever.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Thanks for clarifying which "one" was for me. It's been a while since anyone has dedicated an erection to me.

    Oh, and, you'll be bummed to learn that I got rid of the old Ford. The cost of repairs had me rough riding the baloney pony.

    That year Ford requires a special tool that my mechanic, Woody Cox, would have to purchase (at my expense) to pull the knob off the crank shaft rod.

    I was tired of dicking with it an decided to unload.

    Three of your little buddies from High School, Willy Johnson, Chubby Peters and that Jewish Asian kid, Wang Pud Weiner took it off my hands, for parts and junk.

    Remember how you guys would perpetually drive between the east and west McDonald's on pecker patrol?

    Sorry, I know you loved that car.