Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween '07


  1. were people leaving less than savory comments so now you need to approve them or what? i need to get on this more often. two things. one, you were going to keep me posted on this Halloween thing you went to. seeing your get-up disappoints me i didn't get to go. two, you look like something out of 'the island of dr. moreau'. well done, despite not seeing the rest of your costume.

  2. Re: Comment approval - its to keep people from spamming, putting links to their crappy porno/fetish sites. And yes, it happened when we first started the blog.

    Re: Halloween - My bad. Totally spaced. Truth be told, we almost didn't go and it turned into a last minute sorta thing. M went as a doc tor.

    And there was no rest of the costume. I just grabbed the ol' makeup kit and went with the moment.