Saturday, November 17, 2007

Morning Soup

I was on the balcony this morning, eating M's mexican chicken soup, observing the people milling around in the street below and listening to our downstairs neighbor bitch about the construction, when a large green balloon flew past.

It was the size of beachball and appeared to be descending towards the Farmer's Market at a pretty good clip, just a few hundred feet away.

"Gonna pop itself on that fence," I predicted to myself, and subsequently watched it's descent.

It zigged off course for a moment but then, sure enough, zagged back towards the top of the spiked fence, which it hit directly.

Now here's the interesing part:

Not only did the balloon not pop, but after rebounding from the really pointy spike it continued on in an upward trajectory. And not just for a few feet.

It dissappeared behind a tree, where I thought it had foundered, but then re-appeared, a hundred feet beyond, soaring into the sky.

It continued ascending until, finally, it literally dissappeared from sight.

*Interesting Side Note: While surfing balloon images for this post, I came across a balloon fetish site. Who knew?

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