Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Interesting Times

Did the mountain after work, Tuesday night, then got into my truck, tuned in the radio, and went down to Nashville.

True, Nashville ain't Knoxville (the only Tennessee city I'd normally visit)* but that night held precedence.

It was to be a battle of wits, twixt the Maverick and the Changeling, and I was morbidly compelled to observe.**

My subsequent synopsis? Pretty much the same old crap - you did  this and I did that - but the boys did seem to be a bit more focused than on previous occasion. 

Amazing how a crisis can do that. 

Following that line of logic, however, the two old gunfighters should be able to shoot the eye off a gnat come the next go 'round. 

The Dow's getting beat down like a red-haired step-child and the rest of the world is holding it's breath, waiting to see what happens next.

Like that old saying goes:
May you live in interesting times
*Yeah - Nashville has the Grand Ole Opry but I'd rather drop my genitals in a juicer. Knoxville, on the other hand, has that elusive, Austin-like mix of music and counterculture that's like a baby bear's bed - just right!
**Sorta like that horrible, bone splintering accident you can't avert your eyes from. 
***Photo by Prance Link a.k.a. Lance Mannion

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