Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Sara and Adam's Most Excellent B-day Adventure!

Just got back from Knoxville.

Can't remember a time when I've felt more rejuvenated and alive. Ironic indeed that this would stem from the celebration of my 45th b-day (insert sound of crypt door creaking open).

It all started Wednesday night when I flew in and chilled at the homestead - me, the Kid, her kids, one hubbie, 2 dogs.

The oldest of the two girls (call her Goose) had sprung up like a weed since our last encounter and has apparently begun devouring books, words, and art at an alarming rate, while the younger (call her Lil' Monster)  has perfected the art of being simultaneously adorable and fearsome. Imagine Joe Pesci in "Good Fellas" as an cute little girl and you get the picture.

"Am I funny? How am I funny?" morphed into "grapenuts? do we not have grapenuts?"

Actually, to be fair, the girls were a bit shy round' their old uncle to start, but did warm up as the weekend progressed.

Thursday night, Bass Nectar!

How to encapsulate this band? Well...

Imagine a 70's funk bass beat (emphasis on the wah-wah-wah)-  with a smidge of Pixies, and other interesting 80's samples - that all intermingle and roll around, trailing out into the ethereum until... "WHOOMP!" back come that slow, sexy grinding beat.

It all felt very early 90's Rave, with lots of bright shiney eyes, glow sticks, and skimpy costumes. Did I forget to say "rahr"?


Had my misgivings, initially, by the way. Listened to the band in the car, thought "eh", then pulled up to the concert to see a long line of twenty-somethings lined up around the block.

Did I say twenty-somethings? Those were the old guys.

(more in a bit)


  1. Karen McB6:42 PM

    She's got the Frieda look DOWN! You? What the hell is that mess?

  2. Duh. Punisher in drag.

  3. Anonymous6:16 AM

    You're the best little drag dresser ever!

  4. karen McB6:19 PM

    Ooooh, stupid me!

  5. Anonymous7:12 AM