Tuesday, May 08, 2012

What's the opposite of a mid-life crisis?

Life has gotten more fun lately. Not sure why, but I'm going with it.  Something to do with friends and family perhaps?

As I get older, even minor setbacks seem... well, minor. Currently, I have about 25 or so cactus spines in me. 4 or 5 good ones embedded in my left forearm and another 20 or so in my shoulder.

Yep, got into another fight with a cactus. A saguaro, I believe. But he'll know better the next time, by god.

Was in the middle of a long ride Saturday - twenty-something miles through the desert over hill and dale - and was on a steep swooping descent when, boom, out jumps this mother effer right into my line and nothing to do but lower my shoulder and take the brunt of it.

And maybe I was a little tired, leaning too much as I came around that blind corner, but when a big prickly sumbitch jumps in your path, what can you do but give 'em hell?

That and maybe whimper and curse a bit while you ride the next 10 miles.

Oh and then my rear hub started to lock out on the next ascent so I had to peddle my little ass off just to make it to the top. And on the next big downhill, take the chain off, so I could slalom unimpeded down the backside.

The funny thing? Enjoyed the hell out of myself and can't wait to get back out there.

Now if I can just get these damn needles out of my arm....

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  1. The fact that you consider having cactus spines embedded in your body to be a "minor setback" says a lot about your character. :)