Saturday, November 03, 2012

Night and Day

Went to sleep last night with the windows open.

Woke up this a.m. to concrete floors cool against my bare feet and hot black coffee, all the more appropriate.

Saw Vampire's Tale last night, and while I was an inarticulate boob in the meet and greet afterward (you guy's rocked! I boomed all monster truck rally) I was impressed and, frankly, moved.

And while the 1st half was solid, the 2nd half... did in fact rock - with aerial acrobatics, back flips and other beautiful liquid contortions - all within the framework of insidious seduction - an innocent "randomly" plucked from the crowd, beguiled, toyed with, and ultimately turned.

But the high point took place just before the "turning." A growing tension between queen and king (himself somewhat seduced by the innocent) finally erupts in a lover's... (what to call it? Battle, break up... reckoning perhaps) in which the king is finally brought to heel and the innocent is sacrificed.

The pathos in the scene, ranging from pathetic appeal to vindictive rage - all evoked through soundless movement and expression - was pretty f*cking amazing.

And now I'm off to sell me some toilets.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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