Thursday, November 22, 2012


Listening to AWOLNation's Sail as I write.

What to say?

As with many things I read/hear/see there is a period of absorbtion where I take it in, breathe it in, live it - so it's hard to discern, sometimes between the point where the song ends and I begin, dig?*

But the feeling of this song resonates with a certain triumphance**maybe? Or not. But there is a certain... dignity, a resilience; a song that says here I am, even in my dysfunction, and I make no apologies.

But this isn't about that. It's about being thankful.

And yeah, a part of me wants to reject, out of hand, the convention of this day.

But for each moment of this life - all the beauty, all the pain - and to inhabit those moments, sitting amidst the whirling dervish of life, in it's calm center, coming and going at the same time.

Am I thankful?

Yeah, I think you could say that. And then some.

But like a child at Thanksgiving dinner, all I can say is, "more please!"

*Undoubtedly the reason I got into acting. And also why I got out.
**Not a word? Sure it is. At least now it is.

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