Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Savoring the moment

Drove down to Cottonwood, Saturday, to hang with da moms and out for a belated mother's day bite.

"I just had a kitten!" she'd exclaimed earlier, on the phone. Three more followed in the interim, on my way down.

She'd trapped a semi-feral cat on Friday, to be spayed, but had done so just as the holiday weekend materialized, and the vet gone out of town.

Then, noting the lil critter fit to burst, she'd put her in the laundry room, ensconced in a box of old t-shirts, and that next very morning... voila, the miracle of life!

"Had no idea I'd be so excited," she told me, "but there it is."

"You look good, ma," I told her. And she did. Infused with a certain light.

"I do today," she responded.

And yeah, there will be challenges to follow - for her, the kitties, and all of us walking around one more day above ground.

But I'll take it.

We certainly get enough of the other. So when comes a shiny little moment, a check that's been paid,
why not savor it?

And despite our thickening middles, we did.

After soup and salad, hors d'oeuvres and entrees, breaded mushrooms and burgers - she ordered the german chocolate cake, and I the lemon raspberry.

Our just desserts?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But definitely tasty. :)

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  1. Karen McB9:02 PM

    Great picture of you and your mom. :)