Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Different Reality

I was driving down Central Avenue last weekend. Up actually. The streets are all torn up with Lightrail construction and it's pretty slow going.

Near the library, while trying to navigate my boat of a company truck safely between flashing safety barriers and shards of jagged edged asphalt, I saw her.

She was possibly the most unnappealing woman I have ever seen, at about 5 foot tall, weighing around two and half bills, with a mop of unkempt hair, a large hairy facial mole and lips pulled back in, what appeared to be, a well practiced snarl.

She was poured into a pair of grimy, threadbare sweatpants and an equally grubby hoody.

The hoody had been unzipped to reveal a t-shirt with the following, written in large colorful letters:
I have the Pussy
I make the Rules!

What's my point?

At the time, I assumed the shirt was pretty much a "f*ck you!" to the world, but I now find myself wondering...

Could she have been oblivious to the sentiment on her shirt? Perhaps she was mentally handicapped or indifferent, even - maybe so poor she literally couldn't afford to care.

Or it could've been a Zen thing - detachment from worldly things and all that. The clothing was funtional, after all. Who cares about some stupidly worded sentiments? Hell, maybe the snarl wasn't even a snarl - maybe just a natural deformity.

On the other hand, she could be truly delusional - believe she has power over men (and/or women) based on the addictive quality of her sex.

But I like the last possibility, best.

What if the shirt was brazenly proclaiming the truth? What if, somewhere, she actually has a devotee? Maybe even a whole slew of them...

All hooked on that nooky.

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  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I think I would like a shirt like that--just kidding. Ha, ha.