Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Then and now

Dreamt last night I was in an old town at dawn, walking dusty roads between dilapidated houses, scattered amidst gently rolling hills.

You were there, of course, in the town, but safely ensconced in our own little shanty and dreaming your dreams. I remember we were looking for a roommate to help share expenses.

It was Montana meets Jerome, and it felt like the 1950's (and yet now), with wood burning stoves and smoke risen into the cold air over dark roofs and tall dry weeds - all in stillness. 

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  1. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Of course I'd be there; and I think our roommate should be a like hot chick or something (maybe two). Oh, and I emailed you (@ gmail) 3 short videos, that your sister and I had like no problem viewing, Dude.